Bull Bison Charcoal Barbecue Cart



The New Bison Charcoal Grill Cart has been re-engineered for greater performance. The new vent system and gasket features allows for greater temperature control with the ability to regulate the oxygen flow into the firebox. Now you can set up the Bull Bison for slow and low BBQ, or crank it up to get that steak house quality sear on your steaks and chops.The Bison Charcoal Cart has a large primary cooking area and stainless steel side shelves that provide plenty of space for food preparation on either side of the grill. Cart supplied as flat pack and must be assembled using simple tools.

Standard Features:

304: 18 gauge Stainless Steel Construction

Fully adjustable Charcoal holding bins

Manual Charcoal Elevation adjustment

Dual Lined Roll Top Hood


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